Modern Home Decor Ideas

Defining Modern Design

What is modern décor? The style, which, funnily enough, debuted long ago at the turn of the 20th century, is defined by clean lines, monochromatic colors and a penchant for natural materials and textures. Modern is often conflated with contemporary, a style that similarly favors minimalism but tends to tread towards using a range of colors as opposed to modern’s monochromatic scale.

The modern home design takes to heart the adage “form follows function.” So furnishings, décor and pieces with a clear purpose are cordially invited to anchor themselves into a room, but those without practicality can kindly see themselves out. This school of thought leaves the design of a room feeling unfussy with a weighty consideration of everything in it.

Meanwhile, contemporary plays with stark contrasts. The whiplash between black and white and bright colors is this style’s calling card as opposed to modern’s love of neutrals. A contemporary living room is more inclusive, so pieces without function are allowed to serve simply as décor.

Modern Décor Designs

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The Trick of the Mirror

No matter what style you’re aiming for, a mirror is always a good addition to a modern home design. A mirror is the favored trick-of-the-trade of interior designers, who employ the use of this piece to create an illusion of a bigger room and to use its reflectiveness to bounce natural light in an otherwise dim space.

A mirror is a versatile addition to all homes. The concept remains the same, but the frame can be customized to any style. For a contemporary living room, seek out a mirror with clean lines and little embellishment.

New Furniture

New furniture pieces without the bells and whistles of an overstuffed couch or loveseat with ornate framing are ideal for a modern home design. The form must follow function if you’re adhering to a modern style, and this should dictate which new furniture set you choose.

Sleek, streamlined sofas with neutral, earthy tones are the optimal choice here, but certainly don’t sacrifice comfort in the name of following a modern design to a T. Should you come across a slightly ostentatious chair with colors outside the modern template that catches your eye, nonetheless, go for the purchase.

Lean Into Cozy

Many of us think of modernity as cold and unfeeling, but that’s simply a misunderstanding. Coziness is an entire way of life, one that busted through the doors during the pandemic and squatted long enough to stick. Modern coziness demands warm neutrals, natural materials and the help of a roaring fire. Think blankets, soft pillows, oranges and browns and a sofa of soft suede.


Modern interiors enjoy the idea of less is more. This concept is a good goal for us with clutter. If it doesn’t serve a purpose, then it must go, a directive from a much harsher Marie Kondo, but a necessary one for curio cabinets full of nick-nacks and stockpiles of this and that. Deconstructing a room is both a challenge and, ultimately, a real pleasure. Once finished, your space should only be filled with things with intent, a poetic sentiment for a poetic home design.


The element of light is essential for home design. The very concept can be manipulated to fit any desired style. Farmhouse style calls for big, chunky floor lamps, modern will need chic and sleek and boho takes relaxed like a lamp encased with woven textures.

Modern lighting will introduce straight lines, bold black framing and sometimes, large globular bulbs. The hanging lights will be simple but eye-catching. The floor lamps will be simplistic and to the point. Mix blacks with browns in your lighting and let the bulbs do the rest of the work, adding an atmosphere of warmth that will quickly dispel the belief that modern interiors are austere.

Plants Make It Happen

While modern living rooms are mostly monochromatic, the greenery of plants is the permitted pop of color that even the strictest interior designer will strive to include. Plants are functional, not just in the way they purify oxygen or exist as a living orgasm, but because their presence and color have been scientifically proven to make humans happier. That being said, add plants. You can never have too many plants, even when modern home design says that less is more, combat this by saying, “Form follows function.”

There is No Wrong Way

When it comes to decorating your own space, there are no definitive rules. Mix contemporary and modern with delight, or strictly adhere to the trends that are attached to each style—it’s up to you! Home decorating is a unique process for everyone. So long as your home feels like home, then you’ve done the job well.

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